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We all know how important antifreeze is during our frigid Ohio winters. However, do you know what to do with your used antifreeze? We do! We provide used antifreeze pumping and recycle your used product!

Recycled antifreeze goes through a process that removes contaminants (like emulsified oil and heavy metals) and is then restored through specially formulated additives. Recycled antifreeze can then be used like new!

Buying used antifreeze is not only highly cost-effective, it is also an easy way to reduce the use of natural resources and help protect the environment. Ethylene glycol (antifreeze’s main ingredient) is manufactured from natural gas, which means that recycling antifreeze and using recycled antifreeze helps save this non-renewable resource.

In a world where we’re constantly worried about the effects of losing our resources, why would you need another reason to recycle? Just think of the better planet you’ll be giving your children! If you are interested in finding out more about, recycling, or used coolant disposal and recycling, give us a ring, and our expert team will take care of all your needs.

We look forward to working with you!

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